Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grilled Shrimp w/ Nate's Cocktail Sauce


A few weeks back we made some pretty spectacular OYSTERS and while he was picking those up at Santa Monica Seafood, Nate grabbed some shrimp to go with them! This is just a very simple way to grill shell-on shrimp for peel-n-eat goodness. I love these because the completely scream SUMMER!! Nate whipped up a little homemade cocktail sauce to really take these to the next level.

Grilled Shrimp

12 raw, shell-on shrimpies
2 T butter, room temp
1 t olive oil
2 tsp crushed garlic
2 T minced shallot
sea salt & fresh black pepper

Start by deveining the scrimps, this is pretty mellow once you've done it before...it sounds harder than it is, I promise!


Lay the little gray bastid on it's side and use a super sharp knife to cut a slit (about 1/2a centimeter deep, just piercing through the shell and cutting a bit into the shrimp)
Use your thumbs and first fingers to peek inside the cut and while gently running cold water over the shrimp and your hands, remove the dark digestive tract of the shrimp.
There. Done! YAY!! I got better with practice and by the last one I was an ace- this is not as intense as it may sound all typed out~
Here is a video from YouTube courtesy of epicurious- it does show peeling the shrimp before deveining, but notes that the peeling is not necessary and in fact helps the shrimp retain yummy flavor if left in the shell during cooking...


Heat the grill to medium low heat.
Anyhow, now that your shrimp are deveined, mix the butter, olive oil, garlic, shallot salt & pepper in a small bowl until well combined. Rub butter mix all over each shrimp.I skewered them onto kabob sticks to make them easier to flip.
Cook 3-5 minutes on each side until cooked through.

Nate's Cocktail sauce
Catchup, a few dashes Frank's Red Hot hot sauce,black pepper, a dash olive oil, stir all together!

Squeeze a bit of lemon over the shrimp and serve! This is great with tabouli, grilled veggies and of course the GRILLED NAPA OYSTERS we ate with them!!


Rose @ Bite Me Kitchen said...

The shrimp from there are OUTSTANDING! Another method of deveining is to snip down their backs with sharp scissors and then peel the shells off & rinse them under water to remove the digestive tract.

I vary my methods depending on how many shrimp I have to peel ;)

Looks great - homemade cocktail sauce? Hells yeah.

Robyn said...

Hi Beth!! Wanted to let you know I made your bison meatballs last night for a bridal shower and they were a HIT. So tasty and lean!!! Loved them both hot and cold.

Beth G. said...

YAY! Rose- Thank you (always) for the tip; the running under cold water is a good key, for sure. I do loooove SM Seafood!!

Robyn~ That is rockin' I am so glad to hear it!! xo