Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweet Holiday Gift Guide

Ohmahgosh, the year is almost over....and my last post was in JANUARY!!!!! (insert wide-eyed-blushing-embarrassed face emoji). Very shortly after that last post about eating clean, I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, Finely, and so began the adventure of growing one while chasing after the other. We had just got our annual passes to Disneyland for cryin' out loud- so nothing could stop our adventures!! Well, she arrived, perfect as can be on September 25th and now, 2 months later, I'm coming up for air. She is our last baby. Which is happy and sad in about a million ways.

While I was pregnant, I really got to doing some mommy-business-networking. I realized how many of my super talented friends have amazing companies they are running, WHILE being awesome mamas at the same time!!! What a perfect opportunity to return to posting all things "Sweet Life" here on my nearly-8-year-old blog (seriously, EIGHT, wowza).
This week Thanksgiving will be here, with a reminder of all the amazing blessings we are SO thankful for, with FAMILY & FRIENDS always topping the list.

I bring you my first-ever Holiday gift guide featuring all mama-run businesses.

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a perfect day to click ANY of these links- buy a seriously fabulous gift and support a mom, a family, a small business.

Huge thanks to everyone who's still reading this blog!! Next year will be 8 years since I first posted here, and I appreciate every one of you who's been along for the ride, or just arrived to join the next chapter of adventures.

With out further adieu I bring you the best of the best for this seasons gift-giving:


I'm completely obsessed with this company, it is original, amazing and I just stare at their Instagram and Facebook updates wanting to BUY EVERYTHING. You can order directly from the Etsy store or create something custom with your family name or for your nursery!! Don't miss the awesome deals they have going on Instagram this week, Hemp & Wood is a must-follow!!!

Etsy Shop for Hemp and Wood
Instagram @hempandwood
Facebook Page for Hemp & Wood


We all know a child with style, they usually have parents with style. I'm wearing snowflake flannel pajama pants and a tank top from Old Navy as I type this...but, wow, there are some seriously amazing pieces in the Moderene Child collection!!! Logan has the avaiator sunglasses and ADORES them and Finley is already rockin' her flower headband. With all those holiday parties moments away, this site will help you make a gorgeous impression. Make sure you "like" their Facebook page, BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING...

Instagram @modernechild
Facebook for ModerneChild Shoppe


Awesome t-shirts for the little ones!! I can't even tell you how many compliments we get on Logan's KALE! T-shirt. "Nap-Schmap" is another favorite of mine. This is a perfect gift for the person in your life with kids and and a great sense of humor- which you NEED when you have kids anyhow. I'm hoping they start making grown-up sizes soon....Detention Tees has deals on their FB page and Instagram, so make sure you Like and Follow so you don't miss out!

Shop Detention Tees
Instagram @detentiontees
Facebook for Detention Tees


This is a whole new thing for me...I am a long-time fan of a mani/pedi for many, many, many reasons, but reality bites and there just isn't always time & money for stuff like that. Enter "nail wraps"! Super economical price wise and they don't chip!! Plus you can apply them then right away do really glamorous stuff like change a diaper or help someone onto a big-boy potty. WIN!!! These make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for your kiddo's teacher!

Shop Goody Girl Nails
Facebook for Goodygirl Nails


SO much to celebrate this holiday season, why not support a great cause while you do it! Confetti grams can be personalized, and let me tell you first hand- your kids are gonna LOVE these, they are an excellent stocking stuffer too! One of my favorite things is that you can customize them, how cute would these be for a proposal?!?! ooooohhhh....  Order some and make your New Year's Eve or any day worth a POP of confetti! Logan welcomed his new baby sister home with a few of these and it was a blast!!

Order & Send Confetti Grams
Instagram @confettigram
Facebook for Confetti Gram

It's Time For doTerra By Mama's Little Oil Biz

Give the gift of natural wellness this season and check out DoTerra. I've blogged about this company before- but my dream team is OnGuard and Breathe- they also have a blend called Holiday Joy that makes your house smell amazing!! This is a perfect gift for any parent, teacher, or person who doesn't want to catch whatever's goin' round. I used their peppermint oil to tackle Finley's first fever just last night!! They have a deal going EVERY SINGLE DAY this week, make sure to like their facebook page so you don't miss out! 

Learn more about doTerra Oils
Instagram @mommas_little_oil_biz
Facebook for Mommas Little Oil Biz


It's not too late to get those holiday cards ordered, or get a fabulous, personal print that makes a PERFECT gift for the grandparents!! She also has amazing party packages, birthdays, holiday parties- I can't tell you what a huge difference it makes when all the details from invite to table are cohesive. Check out Allison's talent and create a lasting memory to share with someone you love this holiday season!

Shop Madison Design Studio
Instagram @madisondesign
Facebook for Madison Design Studio


You knew I had to include the "magic mascara"! My friend Megan got me hooked on the stuff back in August and I am officially obsessed. With all the effort I put into organic and non-gmo foodstuffs around here, it was a little ridiculous that I hadn't applied that thoughtfulness to my beauty products yet. That's what hooked me- the natural green tea fibers and absolute lack of parabens, carcinogens, formaldehyde and other funk. Big deals coming this week for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday AND Cyber Monday!

Shop One Fabulash Mama
Instagram @onefabulashmama
Facebook for One Fabulash Mama


I was so excited Tupperware still makes the Popsicle molds my mom used when I was a kid, it was awesome to order them so I could do the same! (Kale pops anyone?! lol) I am also obsessed with their wine opener and the kid's baking set (which I hear Santa may be bringing for Logan this year). Tupperware is a timeless classic and there are tons of great items you can gift yourself to organize your life or get for a friend to show your appreciation for all they do!! You can also contact Bettie kick the new year off in style and have a party at your place, how fun is that?!

Shop Tupperware at www.plasticwarepinup.com
Instagram @bettiebakesalot