Friday, February 26, 2010

And the winner is....

Do you love the Oscars?? Or..... not so much.
I do actually have a day job, otherwise you'd be overloaded with a zillion updates over here and I'd probably not be running all over creation on adventures all the time. Gotta earn the moo-lah for all those adventures somehow...
For the past seven years (dang, that's crazy!) I have been working in fine jewelry, every day, surrounded by beautiful, amazing jewels. It's pretty cool, and the ultra gorgeous line I work for now is very well versed in reg carpet glam, so the Oscars (and all the major awards shows) are a big deal and loads of big work in our neck of the woods.
When it comes time for the big ones like Golden Globes or the ultimate- the Oscars, we host a suite in our studio for stylists and celebrities to come view the jewelry in a relaxing, gorgeous environment- great drinks, food and music while you pick out their bling for presenting or receiving.

Sweet Life Kitchen will be catering the ERICA COURNTEY Oscar Suite this year and in honor of the red carpet extravaganza, we'll be GIVING AWAY A COOKBOOK!!

This is a collaboration of all kinds of great American fashion (AND JEWELRY) designers!!
My boss, THE Erica Courtney, has a recipe featured in the book that makes buying it totally worth it (and winning it a REAL treat!!)
Erica's recipe is the (BEST) Red Velvet top-secret-until-now-straight-from-real-deal-Louisiana Cake recipe!!

So here's how it works, easy- just post a comment here that somehow relates to food you would serve at an Oscar party, your favorite Oscar moment, or why you'd love to have a copy of this glamorous cookbook!!
Since the 82nd Academy Awards are only a week away on March 7th, 2010 this contest will conclude ONE WEEK AFTER the awards on SUNDAY MARCH 14th at 8pm (PST) you have until then to post a comment here!!
Good Luck!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Where have I been?! Oh, well, just about a million places!! Mostly moving, which, as I reported from Mammoth over a month ago, we survived and are head over heels for the new place! I got a big glorious kitchen and I've been USING it!! I also have some photo stuff I've been working on (which has been a big time sucker) and an enormous Sweet Life Kitchen project that's just getting started (slash has been ongoing for a while...if that makes any sense...)
OK- so, here I am and hopefully you're dyin to know what's crackin over here.
In 2009 we focused on FESTING every second, the garlic fest, sake fest, fan-festing-tastic. This year we're all about some fascinating, and educational, food experiences. Recently we went on a TASTING TOUR of Los Angeles' Little Tokyo. We are heading to Palm Springs in March for a retro-themed weekend and will be exploring some local treasures, which I am really looking forward to!
I love the Sweet Life Kitchen Facebook page because it's given me a place to share the photos I took of food we love, even though it's not food we made, and that is going to be a bit more of a focus this year, sharing awesome food experiences AND the recipes we create.
Ok, so there's one part of what's up... NEXT, the most exciting parts...
Since we are all moved and settled in our new beautiful surroundings, it's time I get that going on here too, so be ready for some prettyfication and a big beauty overhaul here at Sweet Life Kitchen! (thanks to the lovely lady who created our logo- Deneen Alexandra of Funk Delicious Designs!!)
It's L.A., even the blog's gotta get a little work done, especially for our THREE YEAR blogaversary this summer!
And finally, the best part, my favorite aspect of the purty new site design will give you a chance to sample the goods!! Yup, there will be some Sweet treats that you can order, eat and give as delicious gifts!! WHAT?! Ya, you totally read that right, so BRACE Yo'SELVES!! It's 2010 and we're all up in it!!
If you want more info on any of this gloriousness, feel free to email me~ or hit me up by posting a message on the SLK Facebook page HERE