Thursday, July 2, 2009

A quick time out for a big shout out!

Getting back to blogging is BIG work!!
Every once in a while I like to post links here to a few of my FAVORITE blogs, and since I've been "away" for quite some time, here are some that I've been enjoying~ and if you are not on over to these awesome blogs!!

Bite Me Kitchen

~by Rose a favorite lady that I've known since we were in high school with a SUPER inspiring, beautiful and fun to read blog about everything exceptionally delicious


~ What recession?! Bring on the decorating!!! This site saves me from tearing bazillions of photos out of magazines and collecting them in a pile to decorate my some-day house. Totally fabulous taste over at Zinnias a true collection of all things fabulous.

Deep Fried Awesome

~ What a great name for a site!! This is another lovely lady I was in high school with that features the best freakin' gift ideas I have ever seen. (for self or anyone in the universe) I've got my office addicted to see what she will post next, and we use it as a reference for our corporate gift buying because it is so creative and really has something for EVERYONE.

Also, here are some classic faves that are the whole reason I got all up in the "blogosphere" to begin with, just in case you are not already STARVING and ready to spend your whole paycheck on gifts or home-goodness...

Culinary Concoctions
by Peabody (the blog that made me have to blog)

Closet Cooking
by Kevin (the blog that makes me hungry and brave to try new things)

Joy the Baker
by Joy (the blog I love to read and drool over)

Good Eats N' Sweet Treats
by Jaime (the blog of a fellow OC girl webfriend, and O.G. member of TWD that has sensational photos and recipes to enjoy!)

If you are spending the summer with a book on the beach or checking out the latest blockbusters- then you need to get yourself registered over at A Better Opinion. By rating the books, movies and video games you love (or don't) this fab site will find opinions in it's database that reflect similar taste to your own, helping guide you to your next entertainment experience with mucho confidence!!

Hope you dig the inspiration as much as I do!! HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!! Keep an eye on these blogs and of course, on the Sweet Life Kitchen for some sensational summer sweets (and sweet buys on Zinnias and Deep Fried Awesome!!)

Oh! And if you wanna show some love, keep current on my latest FROSTED ~ GLAZED ~ GRILLED ~ BRAISED goodness;

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Rose at The Bite Me Kitchen said...

Heyyyy! Thanks chick! Who from WHS is doing Deep Fried Awesome? Cool site. =)

Beth G. said...

That's Charity Neeper's site! It rocks the heezie, right? I try to do that at least 1x per year- give propps to the sites I adore so I can share the love with my readers that may not know of FABULOUS blogs like YOURS!!! xo