Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Smoothie 3

Ahhh, yes- time to get even more veggie with it! Add some zucchini!! A "Naomi" smoothie, we'll call it!!

This weeks green machine came out a little muddy because I added black berries- this was funny to me because for the past few weeks my husband's boss has been grossed out by his every-day-slime-colored-breakfast habit- when I saw this one take a turn for the "browner" I laughed thinking what would be made of this!

This weeks mix:
1/2 zuchinni
1 banana
1 handful frozen pineapple
1 handful frozen mango chunks
1 handful black berries
BIG handful spinach
handful chopped kale- spine/stem removed
8oz cold filtered water
8oz non-fat plain Greek yogurt

1 comment:

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