Friday, February 10, 2012

Farm Box Soup Noodles

Thanks to Living Social and my friend Erin, I signed up for monthly delivery from Farm Fresh to You. Logan is starting "people food" this month and I thought it would be so amazing to have farm fresh organic produce for him to eat, add the delivered-to-your-door element and I was head over heels!

Our first delivery came on Feb 3 and there was SO much produce I was stunned- you really get a TON for your money from these peeps!
Nate and I decided to play Farm Box Iron Chef and see how many items we could use in one meal for dinner.
We also noted, neither of us had really had chard before...I've had it once, maybe twice, but never bought it and never cooked with it myself.

What else do we have in the casa to work with?

1 container of Trader Joe's Chicken Broth
1 package of Chow Mein Noodles
Hard boiled eggs
garlic, butter, olive oil, salt n pepper

What we used from the farm box:
1 bunch of leeks (rinsed WELL and chopped)
2 purple top turnips, chopped
4 red potatoes, chopped
1/2 a bunch of chard, chopped
1 head of broccoli chopped

What we did with it:

In a large pot add 1 T butter (we use yogurt butter) 1 T olive oil over medium heat.
Add the leeks & garlic- saute til fragrant, about 2-5 minutes
Add the chicken broth 1/8 tsp (a couple little squeezes) siracha, salt n pepper and bring to a boil- reduce to a simmer add the potatoes & turnips- cover and simmer 15-20 minutes
meanwhile cook noodles according to package directions- but take them off the heat and drain them a few minutes early so they are a little aldente- you want  them to finish cooking in the broth and absorb the soupy goodness.
Add the broccoli, chard and noodles to the simmering pot and simmer another 5 minutes or so until potatoes and turnips are soft and noodles are fully cooked.
Chop a hard boiled egg and serve the noodles with veggies and broth with the egg on top!!

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