Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's FREEZING in here!! Freezing Cookie Dough...

Well, it really has been quite cold (as we Southern Californians say, it's been in the dangerously low 60s!!) Seriously though, last night was in the 40s and the heater in our apartment has been on the fritz for over a month now so we've been wearing extra layers and even socks to bed!
Every year I look forward to doing my holiday baking, my family is scattered all over America, from Columbus, to Denver, to Portland, to Atlanta...and I like to ship them all the plate of cookies I wish I could just walk over and hand out.

This year I am making and shipping most of my usual goodies;
A jar of Mocha Mix
Chocolate covered cinnamon hazelnut biscotti
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Ginger cookies
Lemon cream cheese thumb-prints with apricot and raspberry preserves

Because my schedule is TIGHT and we are hosting a holiday party here on the 15th (and my kitchen is teeny-weenie) I needed to make my dough ahead and freeze it for as much of the above as possible.

Not all dough is able to do this, but for the PB Blossoms, Thumb prints and Ginger cookies this is what I did.
Read more tips on freezing HERE or HERE

Here are the "supplies" you will need.

A clean odor-free freezer is #1, I cleaned out mine and added 2 Arm n Hammer Baking Powder Fridge and Freezer deodorizers one week before freezing my dough.

Saran wrap
Glad press & seal
1-gallon sized freezer bags
A sharpie marker to label & date the bags
(the Glad-ware pictured was used to ship the cookies :)

First make a single or double batch of the dough you wish to freeze.
If it is a double batch divide it in half and make 2 balls

Place 2 pieces of saran wrap forming a + on a clean flat surface.
Place the loaf-shaped ball of dough on the saran. Fold the top and bottom pieces in and wrap the side pieces around (kind of like wrapping up a burrito).
Repeat this exact process with the Press N' Seal. You can double zip lock bag it at this point if you'd like, single is usually fine.

Label the bag with type of dough and date.

Place wrapped up dough in bag and freeze for future use.

The night before baking with the frozen dough, move it into the refrigerator and thaw by refrigerating for about 12 hours or until thawed all the way through.

Follow baking instructions for each cookie individually.


MrsPresley said...

thanks for the tips! :)

Deborah said...

I really need to be better about freezing things so that so much doesn't go to waste!! I wish my freezer was as clean as yours - I feel like I'm always having to rearrange just to fit everything in!