Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Mocha Mix

This is a nice little sumthin'-sumthin' in a jar that ships beautifully and goes perfectly with the Holiday Biscotti that also ships beautifully, make a fabulous homemade holiday gift!

The trick to this is using a food processor or blender to pulverize the instant coffee granules so when the recipient of this little jar filled with love goes to make a hot cuppa' it all dissolves beautifully!

Here is what you will need (this filled 8-9 8oz preserve jars next year I will just make a double batch!) :P
I kept taste-testing as I went along, different people like different strengths of coffee to chocolate ratio- so test & try and make it your own!

1 10.5oz container of instant coffee granules- totally pulverized in the food processor
2 8-10oz containers of Hot Cocoa mix
2/3 of a tall/large container of powdered coffee creamer**
2 T of cinnamon
1 tsp of nutmeg

Mix all this goodness together WELL in a large bowl- (like I said- taste test it! Add 1-3 T to a coffee mug of hot water and add more of the creamer if it is too strong, also this will help you with your instructions to the recipient, letting them know how many T you suggest using!)
For mine I used 2 T in about 6oz of hot water and it was yummy!

I used a BIGASS spoon to fill the jars that came with cute labels, but another adorable option is cutting a square of fabric and tying it around the lid with a fabulous ribbon~

This is a quick and easy gift that will go great in any basket of cookies or ship across the country with out getting all mushed up!

** on the coffee/cocoa/powdered creamer aisle you'll see the carnation powdered creamer in 2 sizes, I didn't write down the oz, (DUH!) but bought the larger of the two sizes available :)

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MrsPresley said...

i love holiday mixes like this... perfect gift idea :)