Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's BACK~

We came, we saw, we ATE.
Time to step up my work-out game because there's no stoppin' the food fest that is college and NFL football. We have had season tickets to the USC Trojan for the past 3 years (this will be our 4th season)and yesterday was the opening's a recap of the damage- (next time I will drink less and take some photos.)
It started with homemade Party mix that Holly made, it was awesome- there were chex, cheerios, goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks- I'll be getting her recipe for that goodness.
Then we tailgated on campus a bit and had honey bbq chicken fingers & lots of BEER.
A friend's work hosts a tailgate at all the home games so that was our next stop.
It is catered by Bristol Farms and here's what they had~
Grilled Tri-tip (the boys made sandwiches, I just ate the steak), hot dogs (I avoided that, but the guys had those post-sadwich topped with some chili) Green beans & green salad, cupcakes for desert and the Frito "Pepper Belly Bar"- that's where they top fritos with chilli and cheese, sour cream jalapenos & onions- YUM! This party had a full open bar (that ran out of ice in the 100 degree heat)
THEN we headed into the game.
Nate tapped out at this point and still has not eaten since (he's still sleeping to be fair) but since I had been pretty good at the tailgate I went with Brian & got a loaded baked potato- which it was a little hot out to be eating such a thing but it was really good!
Our two friends got some giant grilled turkey sausages after halftime- and that was the game.
And it's only the begining~ NFL starts next week which means Sunday Buffalo Wings and lots of dip! Bye-Bye Summer, see ya next year!!!

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