Thursday, July 17, 2008

Breakfast to go! Lil'omlette cups~

I get pretty bored with weekday breakfast pretty quickly. I mean, how much SpecialK and plain oatmeal can one gal eat?!? So I love making these from time to time to mix it up a bit and have a yummy portable egg breakfast that is also low in calories and easy to heat & enjoy!

My favorite way to do this is make a batch on Sunday evening, then have 2 of these little pups for breakfast 3 days the following week...

Makes 6 lil'egg-muffins
5 eggs
1/4 cup non-fat milk
1 piece non-fat cheese
1/2 c frozen chopped spinach
1/3 c frozen diced onion
3 frozen veggie sausage patties- thawed and chopped into bits
Dash of hot sauce
Pinch of salt & pepper to taste

Spray a 6-muffin-tin with non-stick cooking spray.
Whisk the eggs, milk and hot sauce. Then add the onions and spinach, and stir in the chopped up veggie patties until all mixed up. Use a ladle to fill each muffin cup almost to the top (they do rise just a bit). Tear the cheese into 6 equal pieces and float a piece on top of each egg-cup.

Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes (the egg will appear totally cooked and look a bit golden when finished).

Serve with MORE hot sauce!! (the above mix ins are just one of a zillion ways to make these,use veggie bacon, a little dollop of goat cheese, fresh herbs- anything you can think of!


Joelen said...

Adorable! (and I'm sure addictive too!)

jen said...

mmmm.. id love for you to share some recipes in a recipe collection that i am hosting on my blog!! (details are over there if you are interested!)

Yawle Pop said...

I agree with Jen....mmmmmm!

I've tried a version of these before and they are great for breakfast during the work week.

Paula said...

Those are darling pups! I love recipes such as this that allow you to store and enjoy it again throughout the week ... if they last that long!

mrsdanigirl8 said...

These look wonderful! I cannot wait to try them. SO simple but sounds so tasty.

KMAYS said...

This would be a great idea for my husband who usually grabs something quick for breakfast. I'm sure he would appreciate something besides cereal.

Jaime said...

mmmmm! perfect little bites!

Anonymous said...

I made these this morning (well...almost afternoon). VERY GOOD! I posted about it on my blog, please let me know if this isn't cool and I can remove it!
Thanks for the recipe!