Monday, July 23, 2007

Diet Soda Cupcakes~

I've been dying to try the diet-soda cake idea, so curious!! Well it was Nate's Ma's b-day this weekend so I went for it! I was afraid to make a cake because I wanted to be able to taste what I was taking, so I went with the cupcakes.
For this recipe I used

1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix
1 Can Hansens Diet Cherry Soda
1 Egg white
Dark Chocolate frosting & Cream cheese frosting

They were moist and fabulous! I can't wait to try some of the other suggested combos!

Chocolate/Diet Coke
Vanilla/Diet Root beer
Chocolate/Diet Orange
Lemon/Diet 7Up
Chocolate/Diet Dr. Pepper

I know there is a frosting recipe too, but I haven't tried that just yet...


Katie Sue said...

Tag, you're it!

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DeborahSW said...

It's crazy that the diet soda method works, huh? I was skeptical too at first. Sometimes you just have to believe! :)~