Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh, it's AWWWNNNN...Cupcake Style~

So this weekend there's this little ole football going down over at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The NUMBER ONE USC TROJANS will be doing battle with the #5 OSU BUCKEYES.
Now, you must know by now, Nate is a USC Alum, we've had season tickets for five years and this is a FIGHT ON household. However, I am a child born of not one BUT TWO BUCKEYES!! Both my mom AND dad are cheering for the enemy this weekend, as well as most of my mom's family...First the bad news, I will not be at this game. WHAT?!?- you say. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Well, I have to work. Bummer, and double bummer. Now, onto the GOOD news...I've donated my ticket to the Richie-from-Dallas-misses-LA-loves-the-Trojans-and-is-flying-here-as-I-type-this Fund (you know The, RFDMLALTTAIFHASITTF.) So my ticket to this game will not be wasted.

The other good news is that I got a call from my Aunt this past weekend, who was looking to place a friendly (read: EMBARRASSING FOR THE LOOSER) wager. After some discussion and some thought, I spoke to her this evening and presented a CUPCAKE SHOWDOWN.

The LOOSER (read: my fabulous Aunt and cousin Ashley) has to make a batch of cupcakes and DECK THEM OUT in the WINNER'S (read: BETH & NATE's TROJAN'S)COLORS, and what fun is that when you are just in your kitchen?!? None. So the LOOSER will then have to take those evil enemy cupcakes into their office next week and take some instant-classic photos. You will see the results of this CUPCAKE SHOWDOWN here on OUR SWEET LIFE next week! So, stay tuned, and FIGHT ON!!!

I could not find any USC CUPCAKES pictured on the Internet, but won't have any problem with that next week, because I know Ashley and my Aunt Mary have some sweet skills in the kitchen and the batch they whip up will be picture perfect! (the above image was borrowed from )



Joelen said...

Now that is some fan spirit! Your cupcakes look awesome!!

Lori said...

Hi - I just passed along a blog award to you:

Food.Baby said...

Another blog award for you! You can pick it up at my site :)