Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our "First" Thanksgiving

Unfortunately Nate has to work Thanksgiving night (he has to be there around 4pm), but fortunately we still get to spend the whole day together! We decided that even though we'll be missing our families (we do get to see both families this weekend..) we still wanted to make a fabulous Thanksgiving meal to cap off a day of relaxing and watching football before Nate had to head in to his office.

The Menu
(we were going to start with baked brie but I overslept- so that will be served Saturday at my moms instead)

Deviled Eggs
Our own "Honeybaked" Ham
Cornbread Stuffing
Sweet Potato Souffle
Paula Deen's Green Rice Casserole
Pear-Apple Pie


We'll be heading to my mom's on Saturday for Turkey (I'm making corn pudding, twice baked potatoes and possibly a desert) and we're going to Nate's folks on Sunday for a traditional Italian dinner. It's a good thing I took the day off on Monday to hit the gym!!


Patricia Scarpin said...

What a beautiful table, Beth!
Love the glasses!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Looks like you two had a wonderful celebration! :)

MrsPresley said...

we had thanksgiving with just the 2 of us last was really nice actually :) but at least you get to celebrate w/the families this weekend. happy turkey day! :)