Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Gearing up for our first time hosting family for Thanksgiving AND our first Thanksgiving as homeowners in our new place!
I thought I would share the menu, now that I've got it set, to help inspire anyone still working out their details- PLEASE share your menu and links (to recipes only please, spam will be deleted) so we can all get ideas & prepare for next week's food-fest!


Devil'd Eggs
Turkey-veggie tray (above is the one we made last year)
Sweet potato chips- Costco had the Terra Chips last week so I got those
Crackers- Trader Joe's
Hummus- I'm buyin it at Trader Joe's
Cranberry cheese log- Also Trader Joe's- I buy at least one of these a year- SO GOOD!
Nuts- Trader Joe's assorted

Turkey- I will have to post AFTER we make it, we will be smoking our bird in the smoker this year! First for everything!
Garlic Mashed (no-peel) potatoes- I make these often, will add a recipe in my wrap-up, basically when making so much other stuff to cut down on prep, I bake the potatoes whole then scoop the inside away from the peel instead of peeling the potatoes and boiling them.
Cranberry Relish (I am making my own version, similar to THIS (with apples & orange zest, but no celery)
Green beans with bacon & crispy home-fried onions- making this one up as I go so like the Turkey, look for this recipe after Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin pie
Cherry pie
Chocolate pudding pie
Cranberry Blueberry Crumble (THIS filling with an oat & brown sugar crumble crust topping)


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