Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love that crockpot!

Unless you've only just joined us here, you know that no matter what the season I LOVE MY CROCK POT. It was such a lifesaver when I worked all day outside the house, and it's just as awesome, if not more, now that my job is based here at home!

For lots of you school is back in session and time is FLYING- here are a few of my FAVORITE crockpot recipes, tried and true:

Chicken Crockpot Tacos -this is my most visited/ most pinned crock pot recipe......for a reason. It's super easy and DELICIOUS!

Carnitas Cornbread Pie - a crockpot recipe and a freezer meal, perfect post to keep in mind for those busy weeknights!

Machaca Inspired Beef- I haven't made this in a while, but glad I am posting this link collection, this one will be on the menu next week for sure! YUM!

Gyros- this was the first crock pot recipe pin I tried, and it was GREAT, will definitely make this again!

Turkey White Bean Chili (photo above)- always a good one, especially if you are lucky enough to have temps that are not in the mid-90s this week!

I update my "Crock It" slow cooker recipe collection board on Pinterest weekly- loads of ideas and inspiration there, check it out HERE.
I will also comment below recipes as I try them, and of course post them here on the blog with any changes I make to the original post.

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