Monday, September 10, 2012


Ok- so if you grew up when I grew up it's pretty likely that if someone mentions chia, you automatically add "pet" as the next word in their sentence. Well, on a trip to visit my family in Denver this year I learned otherwise. My Aunt works at an organic food & vitamin shop there and introduced me to Mamma Chia, which I was instantly addicted to. Come to find out, chia is SUPER good for you!!! It's got all kinds of awesome benefits- huzzah and who knew!? I even discovered an organic baby food squeezie (Happy Tot) that has chia in it (they call it "salba" though so they can trademark it or claim they invented it or whatever).

So the minute I got back to LA I went on a chia hunt- I discovered some of my good friends were already in the chia-loop and using it atop yogurt and in smoothies! To my surprise, Wholefoods did not carry Mama Chia- SAY WHAT?!? (YET... That was then, now they sure as heck do) after scouting around I found it but at nearly $4 a bottle, I wasn't going to be getting it often (or ever really).
I read the label on the bottle I had from Denver (below) and it seemed pretty straightforward- hydrated chia seeds, fruit puree/juice- BAM.

I used organic chia seeds my aunt had given me while on our trip- here's what I did:

Take a clean, empty water bottle and fill it about 1/4 full of filtered drinking water.
Add 1 T chia seeds to the bottle (I measure them, put them on a paper plate or paper towel and fold it to use like a funnel to get em in the bottle) 
Put the lid on the bottle and SWIRL the chia seeds in the water for about 2 minutes- this gets em hydrated and keeps them separated so they suspend like you want them to and don't clump up.
Add fruit juice, coconut water, etc. to make the bottle about 2/3 to 3/4 full (total) then top off with more water- this keeps price per bottle, calories & sugar down & still tastes awesome-
Shake well & refrigerate. Enjoy!! 

PS- added this gem from my grandma's house- hope you appreciate it as much as I do. Story of my life.

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