Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinteresting Drunk Gummy Bears

If you're on Pinterest, you're guilty of saying to yourself, "Oh! Cool!! I'm SOOO doing that" like a thousand times since joining.
Just like me.

This one. I HAD to try. For the past several years (minus last year when I was a big giant not-going-camping-if-you-paid-me-preggo) we have taken a road trip camping up or down PCH. It's awesome. If I win the lotto we are moving to the coast in Big Sur. I'll write you from there.
Anyhow- not being huge, cranky, hot and pregnant this summer meant the trip was ON, and it also meant first camping/road trip for the little man!!

So of course in preparation I headed straight to my Pinboards and made a few notes on must-try-for-the-trip stuffs.
With so much to do prep wise we only had time for two of my ambitions musts....

#1 The glowing Mountain Dew....
Have you seen that one?? Apparently you add baking soda and peroxide to half a Mountain Dew and it glows like crazy! WOW!!! SO COOL!!!


I wish I had headed over to The Craft Patch first... (this is their photo below) and that is exactly how it went...

After doing some research when we returned it appears you also have to cut open a glow stick and put that in there. Um, thanks science. PASS. LAME.

#2 Drunk Gummy Bears
Fortunately theses little guys SURPASSED expectation. We didn't read the directions at all and have made them since actually following the directions and they weren't as good- 
for us they worked much better soaking in a ziplock bag. 
Toss gummies in bag, cover (they need to be drownin') in vodka- you can use flavored vodka, but we don't keep that on hand, so didn't.
THEN- let them soak and get nice n drunk for FIVE DAYS- the vodka will be gone, the bears much larger and feistier!!! 

We had an amazing trip- can't wait to go again next year!!!

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