Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I know this is not really related to cooking or baking, but it's all about the Sweet Life- and one of the things that makes OUR lives so sweet, is our lil'baby;


Back in 2005 we had a blast at The Wiener Nationals, a super fabulous wienie race in Los Alamitos, CA. Proceeds from this even go to the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.
We rallied the troops, ironed up a gang of "TEAM LEELA 2005" t-shirts, and headed down to the track. Leela may not have won her heat that day, but she won the hearts of dozens and proved that she has what it takes to come back and WIN!

This marks our FIRST EVER YOU-TUBE VIDEO! One of the ways to submit our entry for Leela to compete in this years race was to post a You-Tube video and send it in to the judges. Nate created this DVD that will hopefully win Leebean a spot on the starting line.
Click on the link for LEELA'S RACE ENTRY 2008 to scope out our superstar!! (it's about a minute or two long so you can stop watching when it goes black near the two minute mark- we're still perfecting the You Tube thing ;)

Hopefuly we'll all be back at Los Alamitos cheering her on this July (the 19th to be exact!)


CB said...

Beth, you live in socal? I do too! I've been to the Los Al racetrack a couple times... Leela is so adorable! Might have to make the trek down this July to see your superstar :)

Deborah said...

I just found out there will be a race in Salt Lake this weekend! I don't think Max will be a very good racer, but we thought it would be fun to go and watch! Leela is too cute!

LisaRene said...

Awww, Wiener dogs are just the cutest, I can understand their popularity :)

Found your blog via BBM. Another Daring Baker! You all impress me with the phenomenal baked goods you create.

Anonymous said...

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