Sunday, April 20, 2008

BLOGGING BY MAIL- Happy Package Day!

I am vowing to SEND MORE PACKAGES, right this minute. I had a fabulous time participating in Blogging By Mail, hosted by the wonderful & delightful Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness. This is a brilliant event where bloggers are assigned a blogger-buddy to ship a package of goodness to! How much fun is that!?!

The blogger I shipped TO is Neha of The Literate and Liberal Foodie in Miami, Florida. Being on a recent health kick, and with summer right around the corner, I went to a local organic market and sent organic goodies of California origin :O)

I'm really looking forward to participating in this event again, I was flipping out excited when my package came.

It was from J of Have Fork, Will Travel one of my new favorite blogs. This was one PACKED PACKAGE, so detailed and SO fabulous!!

Here is what came to me from over the Atlantic.

Three fabulous vintage cocktail sticks!! I am head over heels for these, I love vintage glass artsy stuff of all sorts, so these were my favorite treasure in the package...even though EVERYTHING was awesome, as you'll see!

SMARTIES! Here in the US we have a sweet called Smarties, they are a little, sort of tart sugary candy, I like our Smarties, but these were CHOCOLATE, so these may be my #1 smartie now :)

J had checked out our blog before sending the package, and went on a search for a wiener-dog cookie cutter!! As I mentioned around the Holidays I don't own ANY cookie cutters and have been wanting to find one like this for a while! Leela & I have not made cookies with it just yet but we're planning to...

Especially because of these cool BONE cookie cutters! Leela's turning FIVE this October so I think we'll make her some fun gluten free (she is allergic) cookie-biscuits in these cute shapes!

WOO HOO!! A COOKBOOK!!!! We live in a pretty small apartment, with very little cookbook storage, so this is fantastic because I have never made any of Nigel Slater's recipes and it is his first book, and the perfect size!

Mini Cheddars~ I shared the Smarties with my co-workers, but hoarded this bag of Mini-Cheddar crackers until I got home so Nate would be sure to get at least one. I adore cheesy snacks and these were yummy! (although J mentioned the flavor has been "improved" since she was a kid), much like the Chex Mix they sell here in the store...

Alessi coffee spoons~ adorable heart shaped spoons!! I have an espresso maker that I love dearly and these little spoons will be so sweet when serving espresso after a little dinner get together! J suggested using them for rich chocolate deserts, which I will definitely do!

Gingerbread man cookie cutter & candles (the candles are behind the spoon-holding cookie cutter). This package really started me with a good arsenal of cookie cutters. There will be some fun cookie decorating around here this Christmas!! Nate thought the candles were candy, they are so cute, but fortunately asked before he ate one :)

Cupcake charm~ what a sweet lil' charm!! I shared this one with Lee and let it decorate her collar!! :O)

Little Lady bug clips to keep it all together!! These are super cute and perfect place holders in cookbooks!

Thank you so much J, for a wonderful package!! And thanks to Stephanie for a wonderful event, I can't wait for the next BBM exchange! :)


Sylvie said...

What a lovely package. I love that sausage dog cookie cutter, would love to know where J got it!

coco said...

I love your package! Its got such a wonderful mix of things. I'm green now

J said...

I'm so pleased you liked the little things I put together, I had great fun filling every corner of that box. And in answer to Sylvie's question, I actually tracked the sausage dog biscuit cutter on eBay, ironically it came from someone in the US, west coast even - so it had a bit of a round trip! I hope you and Leela enjoy the resultant cookies.