Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kid Craft- Holiday Ornaments

I am becoming more of a craft-a-holic, now that we are more settled into our house and I have the space to hoard ribbon, googly-eyes and glitter by the case. This is an AWESOME activity with your kiddo. We do it every year, started when Logan was 15mo (his second Christmas).
(note bits of "snow" that have migrated into his hair)

Here is what you will need, plus ANYTHING else you can think of to make it your own!!

I got everything at Michael's - every year they have a killer sale the Saturday after Thanksgiving and then again right after Christmas and I stock up on this stuff.

Clear, PLASTIC ornaments...I've made the mistake of doing this with glass before, ROOKIE, don't do it.

Filling for the ornaments.
We use pom-poms, confetti, "snow" (which is like shredded white kitchen trash bag from what I can tell), even glitter if you're feeling super brave.

Ribbon for the "hook" to the ornament.
(pants? who needs pants? I'm painting my hand here!)

Optional- paint to put a hand print on the outside after they are filled.

That's it.

You take the tops off and hand em over- they have a BALL filling them however they want. We got a HUGE sack of the multi colored different size pom poms- and started the activity with those and a muffin tin- we sorted em by color, then dumped it out and sorted them by size. Great for motor skills, colors, sizes, sorting, counting, all that jazz. Awesomeness.

Every year we make one (this year 3) for our own tree, one for each grandparent house and one for his school teachers. We started adding the teachers to the ornament list last year- he was SO PROUD to give them something he made himself.

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