Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turkey Meatball New Year Soup

Maybe this will make up for the temptation-tastic Prime Rib post! I know that January is a time to start fresh and be the best we can be in hopes of a fabulous year ahead.

I made some BIG decisions last year and managed to accomplish every single one of my 2010 goals! One of those was becoming an instructor at The Bar Method in Los Angeles.

I've been obsessed with Bar classes since 2008 and not only have they completely changed my body (being a baker and still able to fit in the jeans I wore on the flight to Tahiti for our honeymoon is no easy fete) but it's a really amazing head-clearer.
It's one of those exercises that you feel AMAZING after every class, and I wanted part of my life to be sharing that expereince with others. After lots of studying, co-teaching and practice classes, I taught my first class of my own in August of 2010. I love teaching just as much as I love taking classes at Bar Method!

Part of my stay-healthy plans for 2011 include making sure I continue to take at least 3 or 4 Bar classes every week, and to eat TONS of veggies! You know I LOVE meat, but nothing keeps the booty in check like making sure to get 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day.

For our first dinner of 2011, I wanted to make a yummy, healthy soup. I picked up some Jenni-O ground turkey, a can of white beans, an onion and a big bunch of kale. My cupboard ALWAYS has Swanson chicken broth in it- so I was pretty much set.

I highly reccomend this, even if you're not so sure you like kale, or know even know what it is.

Turkey Meatball Kale Soup

1 lb ground turkey
1 cup bread crumbs
1 large egg
basil, oregano, chili flakes, salt, pepper
crushed garlic
32 oz Swanson chicken broth
1 large bunch of kale, washed, patted dry with a paper towel and chopped up
1 sweet onion, chopped
1 can of white beans

In a large bowl mix the turkey, bread crumbs, and egg. Add the basil & oregano (just shake a bunch on top of the turkey) add a pinch of salt and some cracked black pepper. Add 2 tablespoons crushed garlic. I like it a little spicy so I added a few dashes of dried chili flakes.
Mix the turkey etc all up with your hands and roll into walnut-sized meatballs. Put the meatballs on a plate and
heat a large skillet, medium-low heat. Spray the skillet with non-stick spray and add the meatballs- brown the meatballs on each side- don't worry about cooking them through just get a good sear on all sides of each ball- put the browned turkey meatballs on a clean plate.
In a large stock pot heat a few tablespoons of olive oil over medium-low heat and add 3 tablespoons of crushed garlic and the chopped onion. Simmer& stir 3-5 minutes. Add the meat balls and pour in the chicken broth, raise the heat to medium and sprinkle in oregano, basil, pepper and a few dashes of th chili flakes (if you want a little kick). Drain, rinse and add the white beans, stir in the kale and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to low and simmer 45 minutes.
This makes about 6-8 servings- so it's a good one to make if you need dinner for two nights in a row!

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