Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Life Kitchen Sweet Shop

It's that time of year again! THE HOLIDAYS!!!
Since 2005, Sweet Life Kitchen has been baking up gifts, goodies and favors for friends and family to give at this time of year and 2010 will be no fact it's gearing up to be the most delicious year in our kitchen yet!!

Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, we've recently had requests for our goodies from friends of friends and family! So, just in time for the holidays, we're offering our goodies to anyone and everyone! YAY!

Since the official website is still in the works,
Here is some basic info so you can order holiday baked goodies~

Pie Pops
Pictured above top left, email for all kinds of yummy pie filling choices!

1 dozen $36.00

2 dozen (of the same) $68.00
3 dozen (of the same) $90.00

Cake Pops
Creativity is the name of the game, email for a list of our basic combos or for a custom confection tailored to your taste or event theme!

Basic Cake Pops 
Your favorite cake dipped in milk or dark chocolate or vanilla candy coating & covered w/ sugar sprinkles!

1 dozen $27.00
2 dozen (of the same) $50.00
3 dozen (of the same) $70.00

For more detailed designs, we are happy to give you a quote via email.

Brownie Bites
Delicious homemade brownies in bite-sized bits!


1 dozen $20
2 dozen $36
3 dozen $45

Snickers or other candy filled
1 dozen $22
2 dozen $40
3 dozen $54

Prices do not include shipping, delivery or special event packaging (such as glass containers, etc.) email for more info on those fun extras!

Please place all orders one week (7 days) in advance of delivery or pick up date.

Minimum order is 1 dozen

For “mixed” dozens, as in 24 cake pops;  12 one flavor, 12 another  the price for one dozen will apply to both flavors.

Email all orders and any questions to:

We understand all kinds of dietary restrictions and are very proud to offer vegan and gluten free options! These items will be featured as regular “menu” selections soon, but for now email me personally, and I will be more than happy to create a vegan or gluten-free cake pop for you.

I'll update this shortly when cookies get added to the official menu, just in time for Christmas!

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MaryBeth said...

WOW..everything looks and sounds so good. I hope you sell a lot of goodies this season.