Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bread Stick Bones and Bloooood

Halloween is a BUSY time, fast forward into Fall, getting costumes ready, making sure you've got all the details on lock down and trying to get everything done while the sun sets earlier every night! This is not of my own invention, definitely a old classic, but a fun and easy Halloween party treat.

You can absolutely make your own pizza dough, but to make this a true time saver hit up Trader Joes and get some that's ready to roll!!
They've got ready made marinara sauce there too, so this can be a fun recipe to whip up with the kids for a costume party!!

Roll out the pizza dough and cut (with a pizza cutter or pastry wheel) into strips~
Cut a one inch slice in the center at the top and bottom of each strip and peel/curl the two pieces on each end around to make the "bone" shape.
Bake on a foiled baking sheet at 450 for about 15 until golden.
Serve with marinara sauce!

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phouphinds said...

Delicious AND creative! Love it!