Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Are Your Favortie Holiday Time-Savers?


WOW. Is it seriously almost Thanksgiving?! No, really, I mean it. HOW IS IT NEAR-HALFWAY THROUGH NOVEMBER!!??
Since time is very much FLYING, I thought I'd talk about SAVING time instead! Over on the Sweet Life Kitchen Facebook page I asked ~ WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY TIME SAVERS?! ...and that's what I wanna know! Here I will share some of mine, and in 30 days when I've gathered some feedback, ideas from you fabulous people I'll share a fun, helpful list of truly terrific time saving tips!!

I make enough cookies each December to feed a small army of REALLY hungry cookie-monsters. I do this while throwing & attending Holiday parties, working (PS the jewelry biz tends to get a wee bit busier this time of year), plus balancing all those other little things that make up the usual day-to-day... and then some!
About 4 years ago I started a time-saving tradition that seriously changed my life in the cookie department!!
The Sunday after Thanksgiving I spend the ENTIRE day making cookie DOUGH...I double wrap the batches in Press-n-Seal, then double bag them in heavy duty freezer bags. This way I can thaw and bake the cookies on weeknights or Saturdays through out December with out a mess in the kitchen or any major dishes to do!
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I also always take a day or half-day off work in early December for the extra errands, getting the holiday cards sent out, and making some week night dinners and appetizers that freeze well to get through to the New Year. I also always make MY CHILI in the crock pot that day, for our dinner that night AND yummy leftovers!


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Brooke said...

It's not really a holiday time saver, but to speed up cooking and make sure veggies don't go bad I chop and freeze onions, bell peppers, celery or anything else I will be cooking with.

I also will be baking cookies and breads in early December that I know freeze well so I'm ready for parties and gifts later.

Jordan said...

I have been saving time and eating much healthier lately since I got a super sweet blender...the Blendtec! You might have seen their demos at Costco (that's how I got suckered in), but let me tell you, they truly are great!

I literally spend about 5 minutes making a healthy breakfast and lunch. I throw in spinach or kale (I'm big on veggies, but don't have the patience to chew them), an apple, banana, carrots, berries, and ice. That's more than my daily servings of fruits and veggies. It tastes great and is a snap to make.

Check out for more recipes and ideas. This lady has it down.

Happy Holidays Beth and Nate!