Monday, March 24, 2008


While I have been away from the blogosphere gallivanting around Las Vegas and not baking (although I did manage to get my Blogging By Mail package shipped, YAY!!)

I was bestowed a fabulous honor by Jaime of Good Eats and Sweet Treats. If you have not drooled over her beautiful, yummy recipes yet, you MUST go check em out ASAP!! A fellow Daring Baker, TWD'er and "Nestie", I am a regular of Jaime's blog and have many, many of her delicious triumphs starred in my Google reader. She was kind enough to share the "YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD"! THANKS JAIME!!!

In turn I need to keep the love going and pass this award on to 10 blogs that make MY day!! Those blogs (that you need to add to your Google reader THIS MINUTE!!) are:

Culinary Infatuation, by Ally; I have SO many of her fabulous recipes starred in my reader!
Annie's Eats, this was one of the first blogs I got to know and love, it is another favorite for go-to dinner recipes (like Ally's)!!
Dispensing Happiness I mentioned Blogging By Mail above, which is just one small reason to be head over heels with Stephanie's blog! Check out the monthly BLOG PARTY and some seriously adorable photos!
Culinary Concoctions by PeabodyWhat can I say about Peabody's blog that is not SO obvious from taking one look- it ROCKS!! And "makes my day" with every yummy update!
Picky Palate~ Jenny always has awesome dinner ideas, and super-easy, yet beautiful and delicious deserts!
Good Things Catered, Katie's blog is an awesome reference for entertaining or just making a spectacular dinner for two!
Taste & Tell, Deborah's blog has some very, very pretty photos and I love her play-by-play of the monthly Daring Baker's Challenges, it is always a great post!
Confections of a Foodie Bride. Shawnda also has beautiful photography, and I have a blast reading her updates!
Carrie's Kitchen Creations. Carrie (who I just discovered was ALSO sweet enough to share this award with me), well, she MAKES MY DAY!!! I always look forward to seeing what she'll cook or bake next!
Closet Cooking. Kevin, last but not least, is an ADVENTURER! He gets super creative all the time and makes some seriously inspiring food!! It's like taking a vacation all over the world :)

I was also given the E!xcellent Blog award by another one of my favorite bloggers- Ally of Culinary Infatuation. WOO HOO!!
Five Blogs that I think are EXCELLENT, in addition to Ally's are...

Good Eats n' Sweet Treats. Jaime's blog is INCREDIBLE, I don't know how she gets it all done!
Joy the Baker. I just recently discovered Joy, and WOW- her blog (and work) is STUNNING!
I Shot the Chef. Candace has some pretty obvious talent, this is one GORGEOUS blog!
Quirky Cupcake. I literally LAUGH OUT LOUD reading Laurie's blog sometimes, it is one of my all time favorites!
The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Rae, (again last but certainly not least!) is a pretty nifty lady. I aspire to blog as beautifully as she does! I love the way she busts out the photos of EVERY step, from the ingredient line-up to taking a bite!

So, THANK YOU!! For sharing these awesome "good blog vibes with me"!! I know I have been out of the mix all month and these happy bits of good cheer have brightened many of my fellow bloggers day- so for those I give a shout-out too, you may have "been there, done that"- but you still rock the house!


Anonymous said...
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Deborah said...

Thanks for the award - I'm honored!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the award Beth! You have a great blog too!!

slush said...

Aww, you are soooo sweet! I am thrilled that you like my blog. I am still stunned you guys read my nonsense. LOL

Big hugs to ya babe!

Joy the Baker said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the award! And thanks for reading. Also- your doggie is SUPER cute! :)

Kevin said...

Thanks for the award!!

Candace said...

I'm really really late posting this, but thank you so much for your kind words! :) Nice blog!