Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Promise, I am STILL ALIVE!

Well, I have certainly been missing in action, there is no question about that! BUT, I do plan to be BACK IN ACTION soon!!! So where have I been? Not exciting, but here it is: I've been planning a few events (including my B-day, which is this weekend, Nate's BIG BIRTHDAY that is right around the corner), taking a very exciting trip to Las Vegas for my best friends bachelorette party (which I am still recovering from at this very moment)... BASICALLY, I have been OUT OF THE KITCHEN.
I feel terrible for neglecting my poor, dear blog. Not to mention missing some fabulous TWD recipes!!! If you came by looking for SNICKERY SQUARES or RUSSIAN GRANDMOTHERS APPLE PIE CAKE, alas, I did not make them! Please pop over to the Tuesdays With Dorie page.

But next week is a DOOZY so I am setting aside some quality time to tackle it and get back in the mix!!

And on that note, I will be back in the kitchen soon and back on the TWD train next Tuesday!! It's MY birthday this weekend, and I want to treat myself by spending some quality time with my kitchen and my blog!!!


Neha said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jaime said...

happy birthday to both you and nate! :)