Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Giveaway!!!!

Hi Sweet Life readers!! I know, I owe you some recipes- and I'll get to that, I promise...growing this little baby and keeping the virtual bakery boomin has been keepin this mama-to-be pretty busy! 

Today, I'm comin atcha with a GIVEAWAY!!!! Yup- FREE SWEETS!!!!!

It's just requires a few simple clicks and you'll have a chance to WIN 24 of our signature Brownie Bites that are ooey-gooey-irresistible!

Our friends the Villa Family are in a tough spot! Dad just lost his job and they need to move in just a few weeks to a whole new state!!! I don't know about you, but I've been driving as little as possible these days with gas prices climbing every second. They have a chance to win a $500 gas card that would REALLY help them get through this big road trip!

Help the Villa's with their big move by going HERE: 

Click that link above and LIKE Angela's adorable photo!! Then add the comment "Sweet Life Kitchen" under the photo.

That's all you've got to do!! Once you've "liked" the photo & posted the comment you are entered to win the Brownie Bites!!!

Please share this with anyone and everyone, the contest runs through April 20th at 11am so GET CLICKIN!!!! We'll announce the winner on Friday the 22nd but you have to LIKE and COMMENT before 11am on the 20th to qualify.

For the Villa's to win you must LIKE the photo in the link above, on the Brads Deal's FB page, not anywhere else!! Post comments here with any questions!!!



angelabvilla said...

Contest on bradsdeals runs till 11pm. Thanks Beth!!

Anonymous said...

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