Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy-Happy St. Patrick's Day & ME!

Ok, I freakin LOVE March. This month rocks the house- why? Cuz it's my BIRTHDAY! Oh, and St. Patrick's Day, and SPRING, and March Madness, and pastel colored M & Ms.
This year it happens to be a BIG birthday. I turned 30. WOOHOO!! I love it!! Shoot, if 30's this fun 40 must be a blast!

I decided to celebrate my 3rd decade on Earth by making a few fun St. Patrick's Day goodies. Having shared a 48 hour drinking, er- CELEBRATING window with St. Patrick's day for the past 30 years has sort of made me adopt it as MY holiday. Now my grandmother IS Irish and I do LOVE St. Patrick's Day and all that we Americans do to celebrate (we are pretty hostile in my office if you don't observe the wearin' green thing- ask Heather about the headband that was GRAY, Army gray, but GRAY).

So to keep it GREEN and have a little fun during the week that is mine & St. Patrick's day...OUR SWEET WEEK, here's what I made.

Guinness (and a touch o' Whiskey) Brownies

You'll have to take a journey for this recipe, back to Ireland.
No, I'm kidding, not really, but you will have to CLICK HERE for the recipe and scope out these beauties over at the Bite Me Kitchen.
I saw them and drooled on my keyboard at work. Ew, sorry, that's kind of gross- but LOOK AT THEM. Did you click it yet? Seriously, YUM. This is BITE ME KITCHEN's STUNNING PHOTO- I am having a wee camera issue this week, so my photos are hopefully coming soon! (my only modification was adding a teensy splash of whiskey, cuz, why not?)

I busted out a mini-me version that was in little green cupped Brownie Bite form to take to the office on the B-day. I knew I'd want a brownie with my coffee to celebrate my special day.
These were AWESOME, and I am so THANKFUL that Rose made these and inspired me to do the same!!

Then it was on was cake pop time, I'd been planning these for a while and saw them over on site last week and was dying to make them. She's my hero, here is the link to HER POST and below is her GORGEOUS photo (mine are trapped in the camera, hopefully!!)

Hope you have a LUCKY DAY!!!
More to come soon!! So many fun things to do around here, it's hard to keep up!


R. said...

Glad you had a good birthday! I'm looking forward to my 30 end of this year!!! Might as well greet Bdays with grace and excitement right?! Happy St. Paddy's to you too lass! Glad you liked the brownies :D A little whiskey never hurts ANYTHING.

Tay said...

Now that is green! Pretty though.

Maaya said...

Happy St Patrick's day!
was fun i must say ;-)